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2009 Eaglepoint Ranch Mendocino County- magnum

As usual Mother Nature gave us something different than she did last year and probably nothing like what we will see in 2010. This growing season started with a pretty dry winter followed by some rains in March. April was relatively cool and calm and in May we had some more showers. Most of the varietals had already gone through bloom so there was nice set and uniform clusters. In July we had a big heat spike in the middle of the month and another one again mid August. This nearly shut down some of the grapes, but for this Sangiovese vineyard it was perfect.

In the beginning of September, I went out to drop any clusters that were still behind in ripening as well as clusters touching other clusters. I wanted to clean it all up and allow for even, balanced ripening. It wasn’t until the 25th of September that we picked this delicious fruit- 2.39 tons total. We brought the grapes into the winery, destemmed them, and put them into 2 open topped Macro bins layering in dry ice. The Brix on these bins was about 25.4 and they needed some nutrients and acid. After a few days on cold soak, they were warmed by the suns rays so the yeasts would begin their work. And they did!!

During this natural fermentation the must was punched down 2 - 3 times a day until the wine went dry. We dumped both bins into the press and gently squeezed out some more delicious juice. All of the wine was then pumped into 50 % new French oak barrels and left to age for about 11 months.

The nose is subtle, but has a depth to it. Dried currants, ripe plums, kir, and sweet licorice jump to mind. It definitely evolves as it opens yet stays true to it’s varietal characteristics. On the palate there are more dried fruits coming forward with a richness and juiciness to follow. The tannins are quite big and upfront, but they are perfectly balanced by the acid and smooth, silky finish.