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1500 ml bottle



2012 Stanly Ranch Pinot Noir Carneros- magnum

2012 was an ideal season for grape growing which was much needed following the difficult, not so easy 2010 and 2011 vintages. That does not mean there were no challenges, but rather very few to speak of. We had a very mild Spring in Carneros which led to an excellent fruit set. Summer and Fall brought warm temperatures without the heat waves we often experience. All these combined meant the fruit enjoyed a long, slow, even ripening. What more could we ask for? Oh, and the yields weren’t low either which was about the only thing that posed a problem. Where to put all the incredible fruit that was coming in?! Most of us were scrambling for tanks and barrels and some were even turning away fruit. Overall we were all elated.

Again we picked the 3 different clones from our 3 blocks on the ranch to make our delicious Stanly bottling. Middle of the night on Sept 11 we were under the lights of the trucks picking 114, 777, and Pommard. When the grapes arrived at the winery we dumped them on the sorting table to ensure we only kept the best fruit and we kept each clone separate to begin the cold soak and fermentation. 2 weeks of manual punch downs and foot stomping extracted just the right amount of color and tannin. Once the wine went dry, the free run was pumped into separate barrels and all the must went into the press together. The malo-lactic fermentation occurred without inoculation and the wine aged about 11 months before bottling.

The nose is elegant and refined with hints of rose petals, candied apple and fresh strawberries. On the palate, those berry and floral notes are wrapped in a bright acidity and silky tannins.

Harvest date : September 11
Tonnage : 3.12 Brix : 25.9

18 bottles produced