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Price: $40.00/btl


2014 Stanly Ranch Carneros Pinot Noir

Carneros had quite the growing season in 2014. Once again we had one of the driest winters on record but then heavy rains late Feb/early March gave the vines just the right amount of water needed as they prepared for bud break. The Spring was warm and the berry size stayed small allowing for very high quality concentrated fruit. It was an earlier harvest than usual following a most unusual earthquake in August. Our vineyards were not affected even though we were a little shaken up. 

The routine for this pick hasn’t changed much in the last 14 years. We arrive in the middle of the night and help the workers hand pick every cluster and place them in our bins. Form there we transport the grapes to the winery where we sort, de-stem and dump all the clusters into an open topped T-bin. The grapes are then chilled down to 50 degrees for about 5 days to soak up color and tannins. Once the bin is warmed up the grapes begin to ferment naturally and manual punchdowns occur 3 times a day. After dryness, the wine is pressed and pumped into about 30% new French oak barrels where it undergoes  natural secondary fermentation. Post-mL the wine is left alone to age until bottling about 11 months later.   

Notes of anise, strawberry, dried fig and black cherry with a palate that has a brightness and acidity to keep you coming back for more.

250 cases produced