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2015 Eaglepoint Ranch Mendocino Sangiovese 

2015 in Mendocino County was pretty spectacular. Long hang time in the hot afternoon sun with cold nights kept the vines happy and healthy.  The crop was a little lighter than the year prior but the quality was exceptional so it was a win-win. We have been working with this same block now for 10 years so we have seen it all. And we are pleased to announce that Eaglepoint Ranch has finally received the Certified Organic stamp of approval. We approved of the fruit before because the owner, Roland Wentzel, has been farming organically for years, but now it’s official!

On October 10th we picked about 2.61 tons from our mountaintop block I call the mixed bag of clones. In the winery we sort and de-stem and put the whole berries into  open topped Macro bins layered with dry ice for a 4-6 day cold soak. Once the bins are pulled out in the sun to warm up the yeasts begin their work. During this natural fermentation the must is punched down and/ or pumped over 2 - 3 times a day until the wine is dry. All of the wine was then pumped into 50 % new French oak barrels and left to age for about 11 months.

The 2015 Sangiovese is rich and bold and full of ripe red fruits and licorice candies. The tannins are definitely pronounced (that mountain fruit) but there is just enough acid to balance the palate and keep you coming back for more. This wine is such a treat right now and could also benefit from many more years in the bottle.

133 cases produced