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750 ml bottle


2016 Rose of Pinot Noir 

Another vintage of our popular Rose of Pinot Noir is out and ready for those hot summer days. It is such a perfect wine to enjoy when you want something light and refreshing to sip on or you simply can't decide between a white or a red.

The 2016 is once again 100% Rose of Pinot Noir. After those delicious grapes have ripened to perfection, they are brought into the winery to begin the process of transformation to wine. One day of sitting peacefully in the tank, the skins have stained the juice a beautiful pink hue. I then bring a used oak barrel to the tank and literally drain some of this juice right into it. This process is called 'saigner' in French, meaning 'to bleed'. The main reason for doing it is to concentrate the color and structure of the red wine left in tank (by increasing the skin to juice ratio). I do it just to have summertime pink wine!

Now this barrel is set aside and left to begin fermenting naturally. Usually by day 2, I can hear the crackling sounds confirming that yeasts are in fact present and already eating away at the sugars. The temperature and sugar levels are monitored carefully every day to ensure that fermentation is happening smoothly and in fact goes dry. This is the secret- allow the yeasts to consume all the sugars! That way we are not left with a sweet pink wine that makes you turn your nose up. 

Fresh, ripe strawberries, raspberry jam and rhubarb fill the nose. It is not weak in color and the palate is bursting with those bold, fruity flavors and a bright acidity to balance it all out. The wine is refreshing, fruity, dry, and crisp. It is also very limited production- so don’t miss out.

75 cases produced